Stem cell facts for kids

Image by, courtesy of Laurence Livermore

Stem cells are different and unique cells unlike any other in the body. Because stem cells are unique, scientists need to do a lot of research to understand how stem cells work.

What Are They?

Stem cells are cells that develop into different cell types in the body during growth. Different parts of your body are made up of different kinds of cells. Stem cells are not specific to one area in the body and can turn into skin, bone, blood or brain cells.

Stem Cells Are Special

Stem cells are different than other cells in many ways. For one, they can renew themselves by dividing into more stem cells more than once.

Scientific Research

Scientists are researching stem cells and have discovered many interesting things about them. Some scientists believe stem cells can cure diseases, cause hair to grow for bald people, and can be used to grow organs such as livers and kidneys.


There are two types of stem cells: adult and embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells turn into many different cells of the same basic kind. Embryonic stem cells can turn into almost all of the body's cell types with a few exceptions.


Stem cell research has much support from the American people but has not received as much from the United States government. As a result, many scientists research stem cells in other countries that support their research projects.

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