What Is Good Makeup Foundation for Women Over 40?

Written by samantha cabrera | 13/05/2017
What Is Good Makeup Foundation for Women Over 40?
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Make-up can get tricky as you age. Mature skin, which is less supple than younger skin, takes foundation differently, so changing formulas as your skin ages is necessary. Find the right formula by identifying what type of coverage you need and enlisting the help of a department store make-up artist if you have very specific needs.


Make-up sits more comfortably on the skin if the skin is well balanced and moisturised. Use a moisturiser every morning and every night to ensure your skin is hydrated throughout the day. This will make any formula of foundation read less heavy on your skin.

Buffing Makeup

After using any foundation, use a dense blush brush composed of synthetic and natural bristles to "buff" make-up. This will create a softer finish regardless of what type of foundation you're using and will prevent make-up from settling into fine lines and wrinkles.

Mineral Makeup as Foundation

Mineral make-up is a favourite for mature skin because it is lightweight while providing ample coverage. The best way to apply mineral make-up is with a natural bristle kabuki brush which will evenly distribute the mineral make-up powder and leave a soft glow.

Tinted Moisturizer as Foundation

If you are looking for sheer coverage, a tinted moisturiser adds colour to the skin while moisturising and covering up subtle blemishes. Buff loose powder over tinted moisturiser to set the foundation.

Concealer as Foundation

Are there only a few trouble spots on your face? Spot cover dark circles and redness with concealer and proceed to buff loose powder over this to blend the concealer into your skin. The result is a fresh look that requires less make-up while still covering problem areas.

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