Symptoms of Hair Dye Allergies

Written by kristal smith | 13/05/2017
Symptoms of Hair Dye Allergies

Hair die allergies are often times called paraphenylene-diamine, or contact dermatitis. Many people who colour their hair will suffer from a hair dye allergy. There are five symptoms that will let you know if you are suffering from a hair dye allergy.


Individuals who experience a hair dye allergy will have redness on their ears, scalp or neck. This redness may be the only symptom experienced. In some cases the redness can turn to blisters.


When a person gets redness from a hair dye allergy it can turn into blisters. Blisters are a swollen vesicle that contains a watery substance. These blisters can break, leaving crusts on your skin.

Darkened Skin

If you experienced blisters, the condition may worsen to the next step, which darkens your skin. If you experience darkened skin your skin may also become leathery and crack.

Severe Itching

Your scalp may become very itchy. This itching can also be followed by a burning sensation that can cause severe pain.


Swelling can occur on any part of your skin that is exposed to the hair dye. In most cases swelling occurred in the individual's eyes, ears, neck and face.

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