Rules & Regulations of Tennis

Written by wayne lin | 13/05/2017

In tennis, there are many rules that must be followed in order to compete on the court. Tennis players who do not follow the rules are subject to discipline by the governing body of the court at which the match is played. Many country clubs or gyms that have tennis follow the rules set forth by the WTA (Women's Tennis Association).


Tennis shoes must be worn on the court of play for the safety of the players, and to keep the court from being blemished.


Tennis rackets must have all the stitches attached and unbroken.

Respect for the Judge

Tennis players must show courtesy to and respect for all judges, as set forth by the WTA. Failure to do so will cause a player to default on the match, or be fined.

Empty Pockets

All players are to empty their pockets before play, so as not to distract the other player.


All service must be made from behind the out-of-bounds lines, and must land in the opponent's service box to be counted as a good serve.

Drug Testing

Before each tour season, all tennis players must submit to a drug test; random drug testing is administered thereafter.

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