How high should a ballet bar be placed?

Written by jacqui donnelly | 13/05/2017
How high should a ballet bar be placed?
The height of a ballet bar will vary depending on the needs of its users. (Getty Creative)

The ballet bar, often called a barre, has been used in ballet training since the 19th century for fundamental strength and flexibility exercises. says, "This waist high bar allows the ballet dancers to steady themselves whilst they are practicing." A ballet bar must be placed at a comfortable height for you, with your arm resting gently for balance, but not to holding you up.

Set heights

At ballet classes or schools, the bar is often placed at an adjusted height the class shares or is bolted to the wall at a set height of 101 cm (40 inches) according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The average height of the class and ballet bar may not be best for you.

Suiting your own needs

A ballet bar should be at a comfortable level between your waist and hip. This may not be possible at a location with a fixed bar, though it's more likely if your body fits the bar standard height of 101 cm from the floor.

Ballet bars for children

Younger students often need a lower bar to work with. A common height for these bars is 82 cm (32 inches)

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