How much should dishwasher repair cost?

Written by jeffery keilholtz | 13/05/2017
How much should dishwasher repair cost?
Dishwashers make for fast clean up. (le kitchen image by sumos from

Reduce the cost of repairing a dishwasher by fixing it yourself. Minor repairs can be relatively easy to fix. If your dishwasher is leaking, it may only need a new seal. states it is "often worth repairing a broken dishwasher if it is a mid-range to high-end model that is less than 10 years old."

Be Sure to Fix it Fast

How much should dishwasher repair cost?
A broken dishwasher means cleaning dishes in the sink. (washing dishes image by Horticulture from

If dishwasher damage is not fixed fast, it can cause irreparable harm. Dishwashers are sensitive appliances and leaks can quickly ruin a motor. A dishwasher that is not quickly fixed can end up costing a bundle. "If the pump and the motor must be replaced," warns, "it may be time for a new dishwasher."

Bottom Line

How much should dishwasher repair cost?
Too much detergent can cause dishwashers to clog with soap. (Beautiful and new kitchen furniture on modern kitchen image by terex from

As of March 2009, the average cost to repair a dishwasher is "$100 or more," according to warns it should cost no more than £195. If you repair a dishwasher yourself, it can be cheaper than hiring a handyman. If dishwasher repairs cost more than £195, it may be time for a new appliance.

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