Examples of Great Customer Service

Updated February 21, 2017

The saying is that the customer is always right. While most business supposedly stick to this mantra, few truly go the extra mile for their customers. The reasons for this vary. The company is too big, too corporate or too concerned about the bottom line to pay attention to the needs of one individual. This philosophy doesn't necessarily make or break companies, but it discourages customers.


Sparkspace is a company that provides meeting rooms, conference centres and team building activities in major cities across the Midwest. It also has created a blog at that chronicles 100 examples of great customer service. One example: When a client couldn't show up for a scheduled meeting because his wife was in the hospital, the company not only didn't charge him for the session, they sent him and his wife flowers in their hospital room the next day.

Sony Style - Las Vegas

A fellow who was in Las Vegas for the weekend with his wife needed more battery juice for his Sony Cybershot camera, but couldn't run back to the room between their Cirque du Soleil show and dinner reservations to recharge everything. On their way through one of the casinos, they saw a Sony Style store and went in to try and find a spare battery. Bad news was, according to the saleswoman there, the battery would still have to be charged. But, she promised, it should be done by the time they finished dinner. So he bought the battery, left the camera and midway through the meal the Sony saleswoman arrived at their table, fully charged battery and camera in hand, at no extra charge. And the restaurant was in a different casino then the Sony Style store.

Vancity Savings

An employee at a credit union, Vancity Savings, gave a customer excellent customer service. When the customer was trying to transfer money out of one account, which would incur a £3 fee, the teller showed her a trick. By transferring the money in a different way, the customer could avoid the £3 fee. There was no reason for the teller to do that, other then to make this person's day, influence them to tell this story and keep them as a repeat and loyal customer.

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