About adjustable bed risers

Updated April 17, 2017

Adjustable bed risers insert into each of a bed's four legs to raise the bed higher. A raised bed is useful for having more room for storage and is also easier to get in and out of. Bed risers may be called by different names, such as bed lifters or bed elevators. Colleges often advocate bed risers to increase space in dorm rooms. Auburn University rules that "the risers may be no more than 8 inches in height and you can find them at many major retail stores." Practical and inexpensive, bed risers increase storage volume in a little-used space--under the bed.


Adjustable bed risers come in sets of four, and are designed to fit both neatly and securely to the bed's legs. Adjustable risers are especially useful, since the bed's height may be adjusted several inches. This allows more space underneath the bed. For medical conditions, adjustable bed risers may be used to lift either the head or the foot of the bed.


Adjustable bed risers are made of plastic, metal or wood. Sturdy polythene plastic is needed so that the person sleeping in the bed does not accidentally crush or break through the bed riser. Wood bed risers cost more but are sturdier over the long term. All bed risers have a recessed top for the bed frame's feet to fit securely.


Adjustable bed risers are larger than a bed's legs and typically come in a square form. Bed risers sometimes come in a stackable form, to create more height. Stack the risers to the height desired, then insert each of the bed's legs. Remove any casters or wheels before inserting the bed risers, to prevent loose movement.


Adjustable bed risers made of plastic come in neutral colours such as black, beige or white. They are designed to be functional, so if you wish to change the colour, you can use spray paint. Wood bed risers are offered in various stain colours.


Adjustable bed risers have a larger surface area than the bed's legs, which can sometimes induce tripping. Extra care is needed around bed risers, since it's not pleasant to trip or stub your toe. Also, use caution when testing the bed risers to make sure they have been properly secured to the bed. This will prevent any sleeping accidents. Read the label on the box to see how much weight the bed riser will hold.

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