Savannah Cat Training

Updated February 21, 2017

Savannah cats are a popular breed of hybrid cat, created by mating African Serval cats with domestic cats. These types of cat are often called "dog-like" because of their friendly nature and how easy it is to train them. Savannah cats can be trained to use a leash, play fetch, be housebroken and respond to other simple commands. This type of cat is very well suited for domestic life.

Litter Box

Savannah cats can easily be trained to use a litter box. Many breeders teach the kittens to use the litter box, but there are simple tricks that can help any cat owner. Leaving the Savannah cat in a room with its litter box for a period of several days can help the cat get used to the box and the house more easily. Keeping the litter box clean helps to encourage cats to use it, as they are fastidious.

Leash Training

When training a Savannah cat to use a leash, it becomes more akin to training a dog. The first step is to get the cat used to wearing a collar, which is important for a Savannah cat that is to be allowed outside unsupervised. Once the Savannah cat has worn the collar for several days, attach a leash to it and walk small distances inside the house. Practice putting the cat on a leash for several days before taking the Savannah cat outside.


Savannah cats can also be trained to play fetch, similar to dogs. Choosing a favourite toy and throwing it while encouraging the cat to return it is one simple way to train the Savannah cat to play fetch. Playing with a favourite toy or a toy scented with catnip is more likely to hold the Savannah cat's interest. Training a Savannah cat can take several weeks or months, which requires patience on the part of the owner.

Other Behaviors

Like domestic cats, Savannah cats are able to fit through small spaces and often try to get out of the house to go exploring. Without supervision, this can be a dangerous habit. Keeping the Savannah cat on a leash is one way to keep it in a yard. For owners who want the cat to be able to roam freely, it is wise to supervise the cat closely to ensure that it does not go too far.


Savannah cats are friendly and easy-going pets. They tend to bond closely with their owners and can even get along with dogs and other cats, although they tend to assume the alpha role, according to Catster.

As they are a hybrid breed, Savannah cats are restricted in certain areas of the United States. Check with a breeder about any restrictions on Savannah cat ownership before agreeing to a purchase.

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