Information on the shorkie dog breed

Written by david harris | 13/05/2017
Information on the shorkie dog breed
A shorkie pup. (Getty Thinkstock)

A Shorkie is a small dog breed created from crossing Yorkshire terriers and Shih Tzus. Shorkies are not considered pure-bred dogs according to, but they are considered a designer mixed breed.


Shorkies are a small breed of dog, but size varies from dog to dog because they are not purebred. They often range between 2 to 5.5 kg (4 to 12 lbs) and 12 to 23 cm (5 to 9 inches) in length. Shorkies have long coats that many owners often cut back. They vary in colour, ranging from black to a beige. Shorkies can get uncomfortable in hot weather under the long coat, prompting many owners to trim the hair.


Shorkies are playful, loving dogs that enjoy sitting on the laps of their owners and cuddling. Like many small dogs, shorkies are not afraid of strangers and enjoy meeting other dogs and people. Most shorkies are loyal and willing to please. However, some shorkies can suffer from "small dog" syndrome, where they feel they must dominate everyone and everything.


Shorkies rarely bark. While friendly and social, the shorkie can also be independent and spend time entertaining itself. Shorkies are a trainable breed, and do well with children and other animals. Shorkies are also good dogs for people living in cities because they don't require a large yard or lots of space to run.


Shorkies are a good breed for people who are allergic to dogs. They do not shed hair or dander, making them hypoallergenic. Shorkies are also very adaptable to surroundings, fitting easily into most homes and family situations. Shorkies are also easy to train; but it is important to stick a routine when potty training.


Shorkies with long hair constantly deal with tangles. If a shorkie's coat is allowed to grow out, it must be groomed daily. Most owners agree will say that trimming the hair is much easier than daily grooming.

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