What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?

Written by cliff wiese
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What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
A draw driver is a big advantage to a chronic slicer. (golf_club image by sumos from Fotolia.com)

The vast majority of golfers hit their tee shots with a slice. For a right-handed golfer, a slice is a shot that has a significant amount of left-to-right spin on it. Some players have so much trouble with the slice that they have to aim way left to allow their severely sliced ball to have a chance to land in the fairway. The unfortunate part about the "aim farther-left" strategy is that it encourages an outside-to-in swing path, which further exacerbates a slice. Certain golf club manufacturers have created a "draw driver" to help fix this problem.

Why use a draw driver?

Most drivers---the club most often used for the first shot on a par-4 or par-5 hole---are made to have a square club face. The square club face allows the ball to go wherever the player's swing pattern takes the ball. All players have some spin on their shots caused by their swing pattern. Better golfers have a slightly inside-out swing that promotes a slight right to left ball flight, called a draw. The draw driver attempts to help players who slice to draw the ball without having to change their swings. The manufacturers do this by slightly closing the club face.

What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
By slightly closing the club face, club makers help promote a draw ball flight. (fairway image by John Keith from Fotolia.com)

How it works

One of the reasons golfers slice the ball is because of the lack of loft on a driver, which has the least loft of any golf club. The less loft on a club, the more the direction will be affected by the player's swing pattern. Clubs with the least loft impart the most side spin. This works in the other direction as well, as the wedge, being highly lofted, will impart the least side spin of any club.

What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
If you normally slice the ball, you will hit more fairways with a draw driver. (fairway image by skyf from Fotolia.com)

Why a draw driver might help you

For most low-handicappers, side spin is not a problem because they have grooved their swings to have a very slight draw on every club in their bag, including the driver. The draw driver helps slicers in two ways. First, the club face is slightly "closed," or set up to promote a shot that will go from right to left. And many of the draw drivers have slightly more loft than a traditional driver, causing less side spin.

What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
The draw driver will fly farther than a slice. (golf course fairway image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com)

Hit more fairways with a draw driver

The draw driver is a big advantage to the chronic slicer. It allows the player to aim straighter down the fairway. The draw driver allows the player to aim at her target with less concern about side spin moving the ball far off the intended line.

What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
Your ball will find the fairway more often with a draw driver (Golf image by Vanessa van Rensburg from Fotolia.com)

Get more distance

The draw driver can also help with distance. A ball with a draw pattern on it flies significantly further than a sliced ball. This essentially makes the course shorter because every tee shot goes farther. The player using the draw driver can pick a target close to where he wants to go and know the ball will follow the intended line of flight. For the chronic slicer, the draw driver is a good addition to the golf bag.

What Is a Draw Driver Golf Club?
More distance off the tee makes every course play shorter. (fairway image by John Keith from Fotolia.com)

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