Leather Treatment for Sofas

Sofa treatments are used to maintain and repair leather sofas. Periodic cleaning treatments help reduce the amount of treatments necessary later on. Frequent treatment for leather sofas will extend its life and improve its overall appearance. Treatments can be done at home, or by a professional.


The most common treatment used on leather sofas is cleaning. Cleaning should always be done according to the manufacturer's recommendations. It's commonly done with a damp cloth and a mild soap (dish soap works fine). Rub the cloth over the sofa to remove any dust, dirt and oil that has accumulated. Grease stains can be removed by placing cornstarch under a cloth and laying it over the grease for several hours.


Leather needs to be protected from grease, stains and sunlight. Apply a leather conditioner every few months. The conditioner protects the leather from water damage and keeps it soft and supple. Leather sealers are also sometimes used on unfinished leather. Most sofas are made of prefinished leather, so you usually don't need to seal them.


The leather on sofas will eventually get scratched or torn. Scratches can usually be repaired with a liquid leather product. This seals the scratch and prevents it from turning into a tear. Tears usually have to be repaired with leather patches. The leather patch is placed under the tear and glued into place. A leather sealer is usually then applied over the seam between the patch and the tear. This usually hides the seam and makes the tear invisible.


There are many benefits to keeping up with treatments for leather sofas. Without proper treatment, the sofa's life will be greatly reduced. Sofa treatments will also improve the appearance of the sofa. Stains and grease spots will not linger on the sofa, which helps it to look better and stay clean.

Time Frame

Most treatments take anywhere from one to two hours. You can also take your sofa in to be professionally treated, which will take anywhere from a day to a week or more, depending on how busy the business is. With weekly cleaning, the treatment time for the sofa will be reduced.

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