Ultrasound Therapy at Home

Written by julie powers | 13/05/2017
Ultrasound Therapy at Home
Ultrasound therapy doctor's office (Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Daniel Lobo)

Ultrasound therapy can be done at home with a portable at-home ultrasound therapy machine. Ultrasound therapy machines emit high-frequency sound waves, which produce heat, deep into soft tissues. Ultrasound therapy aids in the healing process of many different types of painful conditions, including tendinitis, strains, arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries by stimulating blood flow to your injured area. This increased blood flow helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and scars by carrying oxygen, nutrients and antibodies to your injured tendons, muscles, ligaments and/or cartilage.

How It Works

High-frequency sound waves are emitted from an applicator (head of the transducer), which is connected to an ultrasound console via a coaxial cable. The console receives electrical current from an AC adaptor plugged into the wall. The applicator is hovered over the skin of your injured area and moved in small circular movements (to prevent burns). A gel rubbed on your skin acts as a conductive medium to help sound waves transfer through your skin. Frequency of the ultrasound waves ranges from 0.8 to 3 megahertz, but optimal frequency is 1MHz for most therapeutic applications.

At Home Ultrasound Therapy System

The MendMeShop website has a "Portable Ultrasound Home Therapy Kit" that is well respected in its industry. This kit comes with an "illustrated treatment manual guide" that is easy to follow and guides you in the process of treating almost every part of your body. The portable ultrasound device is lightweight and compact and comes with MendMeShop's own "Lavender Infusion Medicated Ultrasound Gel." This gel helps aid the transmission of sound waves and heat to your injured area which begins the healing process.

Benefits of Therapy at Home

One benefit of therapy at home is that a large majority of users experience immediate pain relief when it is needed. However, do not make the assumption that you are healed and resume normal activities. Follow the proper guidelines given by MendMeShop and/or by your doctor. A second benefit is that this portable device is generally very safe and easy to use. A third benefit is that you can have up to three ultrasound therapy sessions a day at home for as long as needed or as recommended by your doctor. Thus, you will pay less money and receive timely pain relief than if you were to attend the average two to three sessions a week with a physical therapist.

Equipment Operation Precautions

MendMeShop includes several safety recommendations while using their machine which include the following; keep out of reach of children under 16 years old, always use conductive gel, never leave device unattended while it is plugged in, the applicator should always be facing down over the injured area and away from others to avoid unnecessary exposure to sound waves, maintain cleanliness, do not use with other electronic equipment, do not submerge in water and consult your doctor or physical therapist before using any ultrasound device.

Risks of Therapy at Home

There are many doctors who say that ultrasound therapy should be conducted by a licensed physical or occupational therapist. Before beginning any ultrasound treatment plan, you should consult with your doctor and weigh all the pros and cons of doing ultrasound therapy at home. You should read all instruction guidelines and be aware of all contraindications. This includes knowing what areas of your body (e.g. organs, stomach and back of pregnant women) you should not expose ultrasound waves to and with what medical conditions (e.g. cardiac disease, blood disorders) you cannot use ultrasound treatment.

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