Pros & Cons of Combi Boilers

Updated March 23, 2017

Combi boiler is the short name for combination boiler. The combi boiler is widely used within the United Kingdom as a solution to saving space and being efficient. A combi boiler is a gas or oil boiler that combines a domestic water heater and a central heating water exchanger, heating water as needed.


Combi boilers take the water supply directly from the main supply, which eliminates the need for a hot- or cold-water tank. This takes up less space, requires less pipe work, and costs less to install. A combi boiler also functions as the central heating system. Although a combi boiler is less expensive than traditional boiler systems, it is not inferior to them.

Pros of Combi Boilers

Pros of using a combi boiler include the fact that the boiler does not require a tank or cylinder; minimal pipe work; and fast and easy installation. The combi boiler works well in flats and is ideal for showers.

Cons of Combi Boilers

The cons of combi boilers include that they are not ideal for multi-bathroom properties, they might struggle to heat large houses, they are vulnerable to hard water, if the system fails there is not an electric immersion heater, and they require high water pressure.


A combi boiler saves on gas cost, controls sudden fluctuations in water temperature and is more efficient than traditional boiler systems. The standard combi boiler can heat water in 40 seconds or less, and storage combies can store hot water permanently.


There are many manufacturers of the combi boiler, but many professionals recommend and fit Ariston and Worcester boilers. When choosing a combi boiler for your home, consider professionals' advice as well as your own research regarding which make, model and manufacturer of combi boiler is best suited to your needs.

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