Uses for Denso Tape

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Denso North America makes anti-corrosion coatings, petrolatum tapes, mastics, primers, bitumen tapes, butyl tapes, hot applied tapes and marine pile protection systems, according to the company's website.

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Winn and Coales International, originally established in London, England, in 1883. Its petrolatum tape is the first of its kind, developed in 1929 to protect buried steel pipelines against corrosion.

Corrosion Protection

Denso Densyl tape is a synthetic fabric tape that has a neutral petrolatum compound in it. You can use it to prevent corrosion of wet or dry pipes, flanges, valves and other surfaces. Denso LT, Denso Hotline, Denso Hi-Tack and Denso WB tapes provide corrosion protection in specific situations, such as low temperatures, high temperatures, structural steel and pipes and fitting in sandy soils. Densotherm tape provides corrosion protection for underground pipes.

Protective Outerwrap

Denso glass outerwrap is fibreglass cloth that contains a water-activated resin to serve as an outerwrap over Denso petrolatum tapes. Denso utility tape does the same thing for small-diameter pipes. Denso PVC tape is an outerwrap made of a plasticised polyvinyl chloride tape coated with a rubber resin and pressure-sensitive adhesive. Denso fibre-wrap is an outerwrap with greater tensile strength, and Denso poly-wrap is a clear outerwrap.

UV Protection

Denso Butyl 30 Tape is UV resistant. It is an outerwrap for the Denso petrolatum tapes and can be used on a pipelines and steel structures. You do not need any special equipment to apply it, and it is compatible with most pipe coatings, according to the Denso website. It meets industry standards.

Joining and Sealing

Denso Butyl 33 tape can join and seal various surfaces with an aggressive grip that creates a leak proof seal. The leakproof seal is immediate. The tape contains no VOCs, asphalt or solvent.

Weld Protection

Denso Densotherm tape is applied with the help of a propane torch. It is used above and below weld joints and pipe fittings. The advantage of using a tape is that it can be applied to odd joints and surfaces.