Christian grants for individuals

Updated April 17, 2017

Grants for Christian individuals help those who identify with Christian faith to educate themselves and minister to others. Although some are given to Christians on a general, national basis, many are limited either by geographic location or denominational affiliation, or both. No matter the source, however, the goal of all these grants is to aid Christians in their learning and teaching about the religion.


Grants for Christian individuals tend to be rather diverse. However, they do hold two main features in common. They are given to people who associate themselves with the Christian religion, although the denomination or particular sect may vary. Second, they generally are given to those with intentions to spread the message of the Christian religion. The goal of such grants is to invest in the education and work of Christian individuals.


Most of these grants come in the form of scholarships. Others are awards for individuals who have showed a particular commitment to Christian service. The Catholic Community Foundation's Christian Service Award honours eighth-grade students in the Phoenix, Arizona, community who participate in volunteer work throughout the area. The award grants them £5,200 to attend a Catholic high school in the Phoenix area.


Grants for Christian individuals exist to help spread the message of Christianity. They cover the cost of individuals seeking more education or starting or continuing a ministry. East to West Missions offers up to £260 to individuals planning a Christian mission trip. Ministry Resources International provides books and other supplies to people working in ministry to children, as well as offering grants to cover travel expenses for training and education.


Many scholarships come directly from individual Christian schools. Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, offers a number of scholarships, including the Concordia Congregational Scholarships, which matches scholarships from a student's home congregation. These are up to £650 for Lutheran students and £260 for students from other churches. Synods and denominations are another source of grants for Christian individuals. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) offers the National Presbyterian College Scholarship to incoming freshman at universities connected to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). These grants are generally £162 to £910.


Some grants are limited to individuals from a particular location. For instance, the Oregon District Lutheran Women in Mission gives £650 to Oregon students at the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod seminaries, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and St. Louis, Missouri. The Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi provides a number of scholarships to Episcopalian college students from Mississippi, including the Misticos and Warren scholarships.

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