Walking shoes for women with high arches

Updated June 13, 2017

Women with high arches walk differently than those who have low arches or no arches at all. This affects the type of shoes that should be worn for best fit and function. Women with high arches should consider choosing walking shoes that are specifically designed for a high arched foot, to avoid injuries.

High Arch

High arched foot is the opposite of a flat foot, it is when the arch along the inner side of the foot is higher than average, leaving a substantial gap between the ground and the foot. The high arch can be problematic because you can end up shifting your weight to the outside of your foot excessively, causing you to put too much pressure on your bone structure, heel, ball and toes. If you don't use the right type of walking shoes to distribute the stress and weight more evenly throughout, you can end up with serious injuries.


Pronation is the inward roll of the foot that that helps the body dissipate shock. Women with high arches underpronate, meaning there is not enough inward rotation of the foot for the shock to dissipate evenly. This shock can build overtime and may cause injuries.

Walking shoes

The best walking shoes for women with high arches are ones with extra cushioning. Cushioned walking shoes will correct the underpronation that a high-arched walker has. Shoes that are soft and flexible with thick foam to snugly wrap the arch and midfoot will work best because it will provide plenty of support and shock absorption. These features will encourage pronation and provide shock absorption.


There are many shoes in the market made for high-arched walkers. The Women's Nike Air Miler Walk is lightweight and well cushioned. This pair will work well with your high arches because of features such as midfoot strap for support and max air unit in heel for impact protection.

Another great pair is the Reebok Premier Verona KFS II, a shoe design that is soft due to its thicker midsole. It is also flexible and comfortable with plenty of room in the forefoot.

The Women's New Balance WW605 is also great for women with high arches. It features shock absorption for the heel and forefoot, a thick midsole, and a solid rubber outsole.


Consider seeing a medical professional for advise on walking and walking shoes. Severe high arches are potential causes for other foot problems and may need extra care for sufficient arch support. In some cases, wearing custom foot orthotics may be necessary treatment for foot, ankle, knee and back pains due to high arches.

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