Alternatives to teaching careers

Each year thousands of students receive their teaching degrees. However, a degree does not guarantee a teaching job. Some students may even decide that teaching is not a good fit for them. For individuals who hold teaching degrees, there are still thousands of alternative careers to teaching.


There are thousands of new education majors who graduate with their teaching certification every year. There are also a very limited number of teaching jobs available to new graduates. Many teachers hold onto their positions much longer than the traditional job length; some teachers even hold their positions until they are well into their 80s. This means that many new education graduates will not be able to find teaching jobs when they leave college. Alternative teaching careers allow these individuals to make use of their degree in an alternative setting.


Many jobs surrounding the education field have nothing to do with teaching students directly. There are many aspects to education that new graduates may not have considered. Additionally, due to the low-paying nature of teaching as a whole, many current teachers also seek alternative careers to work in addition to their teaching jobs. Most teachers only work nine months out of the year, which leaves the three months in the summer available for additional work.


There are many benefits to having a career in education that is not related to teaching. Many professions can benefit from the educator's mindset that a teaching degree offers. Business training programs, curriculum writing, administration and human resources are all career fields that will meld well with teacher training. If a teaching job opens up at a later time, skills learnt in the alternative careers will also give individuals a new prospective for their teaching styles.


Many individuals with education degrees may feel that having any other career other than teaching is a waste of their degree. This is not the case. The education field benefits from many different career paths. It is possible to be beneficial to children's education without the direct contact of teaching them directly. Many other aspects of education will sometimes offer a higher level of impact on the quality of student's educations.


The career field is wide open to individuals who hold a teaching degree. However, there are some specific markets that offer the best potential of growth for educators. Child care such as preschool education and day care is a large field that encourages teachers to apply. Curriculum writing and development is also a field where a teaching degree is paramount. It is also possible to enter a career as a tutor or mentor for students of all ages. The business field is also wide open to those who hold a teaching degree.

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