Skills needed in nursing home management

Updated April 17, 2017

Skilled nursing facilities, most commonly known as nursing homes, are 24-hour facilities that provide rehabilitation services, short-term care, therapy services and long-term care to patients. Nursing home managers, also known as health-care administrators, direct all of the departments within a nursing home facility. They require a variety of skills in order to handle these tasks including management, resident care, accounting and human-resources management skills.

Management skills

Nursing-home managers oversee the services and policies of an entire facility. Nursing-home managers must be able to manage health care staff, enforce policies to comply with regulations and ensure the proper handling of medical records. Completing courses in health-care administration will provide them the skills needed to manage a nursing home.

Resident care skills

Nursing homes provide a variety of medical services for their residents, and in some nursing homes the administrators are also responsible for providing resident care. Courses in medical terminology, physiology and gerontology will prepare administrators to provide these services and direct health-care staff.

Accounting skills

Skilled nursing facilities operate on large budgets worth millions of pounds. It is the nursing home administrator's responsibility to direct the accounting staff, approve rates and expenses and review financial reports and annual budgets. Taking courses in managerial accounting, bookkeeping and finance will provide managers with the skills necessary to handle these responsibilities. Nursing home administrators will also need to be familiar with medical billing and coding to ensure proper patient billing policies are in place.

Human-resources management skills

Nursing homes employ nursing, clerical, maintenance and health-care staff. Nursing-home administrators are responsible for developing hiring and staff policies. They direct the human resources department and supervise a large health-care staff. Nursing-home administrators need human-resources management skills, including courses on staff training and development, performance evaluation and recruiting.


The specific qualifications needed to become a nursing home manager depends on the specialisation of that home. You would be expected to have experience in assisting in the management of a care home and then experience in either child care, medicine or social work, depending on the focus of the care home. All nursing home managers have to pass the checks of the Disclosure and Barring Service.

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