The average height of women in different countries

Written by nathaly blalock | 13/05/2017

In every country in the world, there is a significant difference between the average height of a man and the average height of a woman. Throughout these countries, the average height of women also varies.

North America

The average woman in the United States is 5 feet 4.6 inches tall. Canadian women stand a tad shorter at an average of 5 feet 3.4 inches. Central Americans are even shorter and a typical Mexican woman reaches a height of 5 feet 1.1 inches, while Guatemalan women are some of the shortest women in the world, measuring about 4 feet 6 inches tall.

South America

In South America, the average heights of women slightly differs from country to country. In Colombia, women are typically an average height of 5 feet 2.4 inches and in Brazil, most women are a little shorter at 5 feet 2.2 inches tall. Argentines are a little taller, standing at 5 feet 3.4 inches.


Some of the tallest African women live in Cameroon and reach a height of 5 feet 3.5 inches on average. Throughout many African countries, the average height of women is approximately 5 feet 2 inches, with slight variations of a tenth of an inch. Women in Ghana average 5 feet 2.4 inches, while women in South Africa are 5 feet 2.5 inches tall. In Nigeria, the average woman is just a few tenths of an inch shorter at 5 feet 2.1 inches. Some of the shortest African women live in Malawi, standing 5 feet 1.1 inches.


On average, some of the shortest European women live in Spain, with a height of 5 feet 3.3 inches In France, women are a bit taller at 5 feet 3.7 inches. The average height of women in Finland is an inch taller than French women. In the United Kingdom, women are generally around 5 feet 4.4 inches. Women in Iceland and the Czech Republic average about the same height, at 5 feet 6 inches tall. Some of the tallest women in the world reside in the Netherlands, with a typical height of 5 feet 6.4 inches.


The height of women in Asia varies greatly from country to country. Across the continent, there is a height difference of 7 inches. The shortest women reside in Indonesia, with an average height of 4 feet 10 inches. The tallest women live in India, standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall. In Israel, women are also on the taller end of the spectrum, averaging 5 feet 4.1 inches. At 4 feet 11.8 inches, women in the Philippines are among the shortest on the continent.


On average, Australian women are slightly shorter than women in the United States. They stand 5 feet 4.5 inches tall.

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