Where can a nurse learn to give botox injections?

Written by greta chapin-mcgill
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    Where can a nurse learn to give botox injections?

    Health careers are growing rapidly and nursing is a considerable part of the health care equation. Anti-ageing aesthetics is also an expanding field that parallels health care. Being a nurse gives you the opportunity to use your talents in both areas. In some states, being a nurse qualifies you to give injections of dermal fillers and BotoxCosmetic. There are continuing education classes to start you on your path to acquire this highly marketable skill.


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    Like many medical discoveries, Botox was isolated by accident by Dr. Alan B. Scott in San Francisco and was initially used to correct crossed eyes. In 1987, Dr. Jean Carruthers, an eye doctor, found that when she used the compound to treat eye spasms her patients experienced smoothing of crows feet around the eyes. She and her husband did the first studies on Botox for wrinkle correction. In 1988, the rights to this discovery by Dr. Scott were sold to Allergan who markets it as BotoxCosmetic.

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    What is Botox

    Botox is a purified protein produced by a bacteria that reduces the activity of muscles that enable you to frown. Botox is injected under the skin. It has FDA approval for wrinkle correction and more than 3.3 million procedures have been done in the United States. It is the number one dermal filler injection performed by health care professionals for wrinkle correction. Side effects are rare.

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    Who Can Inject

    Nurses and nurse practitioners can inject BotoxCosmetic and other dermal fillers in some states. You need to check with your state board to see what the laws and guidelines are. If you are satisfied your state will grant you a license, you need to find a good training school to help you acquire this skill.

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    You training will include anatomy, physiology and injecting techniques. You will study the facial muscles, where they are located and how they show on the face. Your training also covers the history, safety and preparation of BotoxCosmetic. Patient consultation is also a part of your training process. Training typically takes an entire day and you will do hands-on injections with a saline solution.

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    Laws and Regulations

    Some states that license nurse injectors are Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. Your state board is the best source for information about state regulations. Aesthetic work is a growing field and once licensed, a nurse can work in medical spas, dermatologists' and dentists' offices, as well as with plastic surgeons. Most states require a doctor to be present in the facility and only a physician can order Botox.

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    Qualified Instruction

    Aesthetic education is offered by different companies. Make sure you research the company you choose for training. The company needs to be licensed to train you for the state you live in. This hands-on training can cost about £845 for a one-day course. Empire Medical Training and Aesthetic Advancements are two training services offering BotoxCosmetic injection classes. (See Reference section)

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    Only a physician can order BotoxCosmetic from Allergan. Partnering with a doctor is the first step in expanding your career to include aesthethic medicine. Most programs offer continuing education and video courses. Keep your skills sharp to maintain patient retention. BotoxCosmetic is a service that patients want to have on a regular basis.

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