Types of Cushion Covers

Written by tiffany ross | 13/05/2017
Types of Cushion Covers
Artisan cushion covers add exotic beauty to a sofa. (sofa and cushions image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com)

Cushions create an inviting seat for a weary guest; with a cushion cover this seat can become a work of art. Covers vary from expensive artisan textiles to standard covers that can be found at most major department stores. Covers are categorised by brand or style. They are all referred to as cushion covers, despite the size and intended use. Those handy with a needle and thread can use scrap fabrics to make original covers.

Artisan Cushion Covers

Artists use prints and hand embroidery to embellish covers. The result is no two covers are exactly alike; however the colours often complement each other, allowing clients to blend designs. Often artisan covers are designed and built by members of indigenous communities from different countries. The Lambanis, or the Banjara, are a nomadic tribe in India known for their heavily ornamented textiles, including home decor such as cushion covers. Artisan cushion covers are often found at small boutiques or stores that specialise in fair trade textiles.

Manufactured Covers

Manufactured covers can be found at most home decor retailers. Covers are often made from a cotton, rayon and polyester blend. Almost all store bought covers are washable, a practical advantage over heavily ornamented artisan cushions. Standard small cushion sizes fit dining room chair cushions and pillows. T-cushion covers are meant to fit snugly over an entire couch and come in a myriad of sizes. Colours run the gamut from earth tones to pastels; the same goes for available prints.

Homemade Covers

Homemade covers can be sized to fit cushions exactly, a viable option for oddly shaped cushions. They can be constructed out of any type of fabric, but sturdy fabrics are best for furniture. A sewn hem or iron-on hem webbing is used to complete the cushion. Homemade cushion covers can be embellished with ornaments to add a personal touch.

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