Double nine dominoes rules

Updated February 21, 2017

A set of "double nine" dominoes contains dominoes that can contain up to nine dots on one end instead of the standard six. This means there are far more dominoes in this set. The standard rules for playing a game with these dominoes are basically the same, making only slight adjustments for the higher points available. A set of double nine dominoes can also be used to play a different game called Matador.

Beginning Play

All 55 dominoes are laid face down on the table and shuffled. Each player draws seven dominoes from the pile. Anyone who has drawn the double nine must place it in the middle of the table to begin play. If no one has the double nine, whoever has the highest double domino plays it.

Game Play

Play continues to the left of the person who played the first domino. Players must play a domino with an end that has the same number of points as an open domino end on the table, connecting the matching ends. If there is a domino with an open end of five, a player can play another domino with a five, touching those two ends.

Double Dominoes

If a player plays a double domino, it is played sideways so that both ends touch the single matching end of the other domino. A domino played on a double domino is played in the same way, with the matching end touching the open sideways end. This is how the first domino used in the game is played.


Players who can't play a domino on their turn draw a domino from the pile and continue drawing until they can play a domino. A player who has drawn the last domino and can't play one must then pass to the next player without playing.

Scoring and Winning

The first player to run out of dominoes wins the round and scores points equal to the number of dots on all the other players' remaining dominoes. If nobody runs out of dominoes, but no plays can be made and all dominoes have been drawn, the player whose dominoes contain the least amount of dots wins the round. That player subtracts his number of dots from each of the other players' numbers and then adds those numbers for the score. The dominoes are shuffled and play begins again, continuing until one player has reached 100 points.


"Matador" is another version to play. This game is for three to eight players, and each draws five dominoes. Instead of playing a domino with a matching end, players must play dominoes whose connecting ends total 10; a six is played on a four and a seven on a three. Double dominoes count for only the single value of their points; the double nine counts nine points, for example. The "matador" dominoes are those whose points total up 10 and the double blank; only these can be played on a domino's blank space. The same scoring rules apply at the end of a round. When scoring, a double domino counts for its full value, so the double nine is worth 18.

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