Motorcycle vs. car

Written by jay mills
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  • Introduction

    Motorcycle vs. car

    Which is the better choice: a motorcycle or a car? Both forms of transportation serve the same function of getting people from one place to another, but the journey in a car is very different from that on a motorcycle. Among the factors to consider when deciding which kind of ride you want are safety, cost, gas mileage, comfort and lifestyle.

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    Gas mileage

    A motorcycle is known for getting up to 50 per cent better gas mileage than a traditional car. This can be a significant savings over time if you are able to use the motorcycle most of the time. Some people have a difficult time riding a motorcycle on long-distance trips. While you might save gas, riding a motorcycle for several days might not be practical for you.

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    Safety features

    A car comes with more safety features than a motorcycle. A seat belt is standard in cars and has been known to save lives in serious accidents and rollovers. A motorcycle does not have a safety belt feature. A car also has air bags that deploy in serious accidents; they also are credited with saving many lives. The size and sturdy frame of the car also protect passengers, whereas motorcycle riders have no exterior protection.

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    Enjoyable ride

    People ride motorcycles for different reasons, but many say they like the feel of the open road when they are riding and the feeling of being unconfined. Motorcycles are also easier to manoeuvre than cars.

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    Weather conditions

    A car is definitely better than a motorcycle when it's snowing, raining or windy. If you're on a tight deadline, a car might be more practical because using it is less contingent on the weather. In heavy rains, motorcyclists often have to seek shelter under an overpass or in a building and wait until the roads are less slippery.

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    The choice is yours

    The ultimate choice comes down to your lifestyle and your individual needs. If you have a family, a car is more practical. The same is true if you live in a place where severe weather will make it undesirable or impossible to use your motorcycle much of the time. Most people who like motorcycles will choose that form of transportation over a car if they live in an area where the weather is favourable most of the time. Another reason why some choose a motorcycle over a car is that they see it more as a hobby than they do a practical means of transportation.

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