How much does an Alvina Valenta dress cost?

Updated March 23, 2017

Alvina Valenta is a line produced by JLM Couture. All dresses are handmade in the United States using high-quality fabrics and most run from misses size 2 to 24 (UK size 4 to 26). Counterfeit dresses do exist, so let the buyer beware if anything looks too cheap--or good--to be true. Of course, these designer gowns cost a good sum of money. It's possible to find cheaper dresses in the used bridal market, but new garments may be available for less than retail with some investigation.

Features of an Alvina Valenta dress

According to the official website, Alvina Valenta dresses contain many hand-finished touches combined with top-shelf fabrics. The body of the dress is crafted from valuable fabrics such as silk, satin shantung or satin silk organza. These bridal fabrics are expensive, costing between £6 and £26 a yard. All hems have lace facing, including the petticoat; fabric roses are crafted by hand, with all bead work custom-sewn. Alvina Valenta dresses are priced consistently with the value of the labour and materials.

Cost range for a bridal gown

On the lower end of the scale, an Alvina Valenta bridal gown costs between £975 and £1,950. However, many of the dresses cost more than £2,000. A diligent bride-to-be can find the dresses for less on the Internet or through another source that offers discounts. The suggested retail price of a particular dress may be listed at £2,000, but an Internet vendor could sell it for as little as £900. Before buying, try to find reviews of the site to ensure that you're not purchasing a counterfeit garment. Depending on the wholesale cost, an enterprising retailer can offer a substantially reduced price, even for designer bridals like Alvina Valenta.

Alvina Valenta bridesmaid dress cost

The bridesmaid dresses are substantially less expensive than the bridal gowns, with most ranging between £97 to £195 retail. Vendors don't offer the same discount on these gowns as for the bridals. For those who don't want to spend that much money, there are online shops offering a close replica of the design for about a third of the price. An original will cost a good deal more.

How to get a cheaper Alvina Valenta dress

For the thrifty bride-to-be, there are several ways to nab one of these designer frocks. Check online sellers for used dresses. After all, the gowns were probably worn for several hours and then put up for sale. Good sources for used Alvina Valenta gowns include Craigslist and eBay. There are also online bridal consignment shops like Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses that sell gently used wedding gowns. If Internet shopping doesn't appeal, don't forget to look closer to home at upscale charity shops in the area. Often, a shopper can leave information on what she's looking for with the store so that she can be contacted when new merchandise arrives that fits her request.

The value of an Alvina Valenta dress

An Alvina Valenta dress is a top-quality garment that will look beautiful on that special day. Just a bit of careful shopping can drop the price by almost 50 per cent, making the cost of the dress all the more worthwhile. Get even more value from the gown by reselling or donating it after the ceremony. Be ready to spend good money for an experienced tailor to do alterations, and complement your chic purchase with high-quality accessories.

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