The best running shoes for narrow feet

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding the perfect running shoe is never easy. Several factors determine whether a runner is compatible with a certain shoe. Variables such as weight, pronation, training routine and arch all factor into any running shoe buying decision. If a runner has a specific foot type, such as wide or narrow feet, the process becomes slightly more complicated. Listed here are some of the better shoes for narrow feet, categorised based on the other aforementioned factors.

Men's Support: Asics GT 2140

Male runners with a neutral gate who want more cushioning from their running shoe should try December 2008 Runner's World Editor's Choice Asics GT 2140. A simple and straightforward running shoe, the 2140 comes in a variety of widths to suit those with narrow feet. A great shoe for those with low arches or flat feet who like a little extra room in the toe box.

Women's Support: Asics GT 2140

For neutral gait female runners seeking a cushioned ride, December 2008 Runner's World Editor's Choice Asics GT 2140 is an excellent choice. Much like its male counterpart, the Asics GT 2140 for women boasts a comfortable fit, with extra room in the toe box and a choice of various widths, from B (narrow) to 4E (wide).

Men's Neutral: New Balance 1063

For male underpronators (while running, your feet roll outward more than usual), New Balance offers the 1063, which was favourably reviewed in a February 2009 Endurance Magazine Gear Review. The New Balance 1063 offers a wide toe box and a snug heel, providing the user a comfortable ride. The 1063 is also constructed of New Balance's Cocona material which helps the shoe to breathe more easily. The New Balance 1063 is available in all widths.

Women's Neutral: Brooks Defyance

Female underpronators will find comfort in Brooks Defyance line. A June 2008 Runner's World Editor's Choice, the Defyance was developed from Brooks' popular Adrenaline GTS line, although the Defyance boasts a more cushioned and comfortable ride. Recommended for runner's with a medium to high arch, who have a neutral gait or underpronate. Brooks Defyance is available in all widths.

Men's Motion Control: Brooks Addiction 8

Reviewed favourably by the June 2008 Runner's World Shoe Guide, for male overpronators (your foot rolls slightly more inward than usual while running), Brooks Addiction 8 offers a support column which prevents the foot from rolling too far inward upon striking the ground. A firm shoe, the Addiction 8 is recommended for heavier runners who have low or flat arches, and is available in all widths.

Women's Motion Control: Asics Gel Foundation 8

June 2008 Runner's World Best Update for female overpronators, Asics Gel Foundation 8 has a cushioned but firm ride for slightly heavier runners with low to flat arches. Praised by Runner's World for its smooth and supportive feel, the Gel Foundation 8 is worth a try for female runners who need inward pronation control. Asics Gel Foundation 8 is available in all widths.

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