Best Mineral Makeup for Older Skin

Updated April 17, 2017

Women with ageing skin have a variety of issues to tackle, including dryness, age spots and wrinkles. Mineral make-up in a cream or liquid form can cover these problem areas effectively.

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral make-up, which is growing in popularity in the beauty industry, is a natural cosmetic option. All-natural ingredients, including finely ground minerals such as mica and zinc oxide, make up the products. Mineral make-up is typically free of the chemicals, fragrances and dyes that are in other mainstream make-up brands.


Available in a variety of price points and brands, mineral make-up comes in several forms including loose powder, pressed powder, liquids and creams. Not only is it used for foundation, mineral make-up is used for eye shadows, blushes, lip colour and bronzer as well.

Older women tend to have dry skin as a result of moisture loss because of ageing. A liquid or cream mineral make-up formulation would be best for this skin type because it helps moisturise and hydrate the skin.


Liquid and cream mineral make-up products can be applied with a sponge, foundation brush or even clean fingertips. Liquids typically are found in a pump-type container and cream mineral make-up usually comes in a pot or compact.


Liquid mineral foundation will provide medium to heavy coverage and leave skin with a flawless finish. Cream mineral make-up offers medium to heavy coverage as well. Older women who have age spots or fine lines and wrinkles need this level of coverage to conceal the skin imperfections.


Older women benefit from a make-up that has a balancing effect for their skin. They need great coverage for a variety of imperfection issues and a moisture-rich product for their dry, ageing skin. Cream or liquid mineral make-up can help with these issues. Another benefit of mineral make-up is that it is free of harsh ingredients and is all natural.

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