About Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Updated February 21, 2017

Colloidal Silver, a liquid solution of charged silver particles of monovalent silver, is used as an effective treatment for many health conditions in dogs. It is created by inserting silver electrode strips into purified water to positively charge the silver ions, which then filtrate into the water. Colloidal Silver acts as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and is effective against over 650 disease organisms found in humans and pets. It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses without disturbing the surrounding healthy cells or contributing to resistant strains.

Medical Applications

Colloidal silver is used in dogs to treat skin conditions, ear infections, bacterial and viral infections, wounds, digestive disorders, parasites, yeast infections, thyroid imbalances, eye infections, inflammation, fever, cough, Lyme's disease, bladder infections, burns and other diseases and ailments.

How it Works

Colloidal silver works by disabling the enzyme needed by bacteria, viral and fungal agents need for proper oxygen metabolism. The pathogens in effect suffocate themselves without these enzymes, and the surrounding healthy cells remain unaffected. The body then eliminates the dead pathogens through the lymphatic, immune and elimination systems.


The history of using colloidal silver to boost good health goes back to the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, when people kept water in silver containers. Those in a position to afford silver used it for eating utensils and plates to infuse their foods with the benefits of the precious metal, and until the late 1930s, when the depression made the cost of using it prohibitive, physicians regularly prescribed colloidal silver treatments to their patients as an effective antimicrobial agent.


Because colloidal silver only works against single-cell organisms, it is an effective antimicrobial without causing any known harm to the healthy enzymes of humans or pets. It does not weaken the immune system like frequent use of antibiotics can do, and it is believed to provide the body with immunity against diseases and ailments of all kinds. It does not interact with other medications, sting the eyes or cause stomach upset. It has no known side effects in humans or pets. It is approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement when properly prepared.

How Administered

Colloidal silver may be administered to dogs as an oral supplement in liquid form, through IV injection, in a nebuliser cup, as a spray or topically as a liquid or cream. It may also be combined with a powder for dry application or to create a paste. It can be used to flush out wounds, as ear drops, eye drops or applied directly onto the skin of your dog. It can be applied to your dog's gums or used as a toothpaste to help eliminate bad breath and tooth decay.

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