Cheap room divider ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Often rooms must serve many purposes. Sometimes, we need separation or privacy. Cheap room dividers may be solutions. Whether you need to divide a room for a temporary reason such as unexpected house guests or to give a larger room a separate or cosier feeling, cheap room dividers are the answer.


The cheapest possibility would be bookcases you already own that you can use. Second-hand stores frequently sell used bookcases for £6 to £32, depending on the size. These can be used as is or painted with a £3 can of paint to coordinate with your decor and tastes. Once you have painted the bookcase, position it where you need the room divided and fill the shelves with books and other items.


Curtains make an elegant statement. The benefit of curtains is they can be opened or closed with minimum effort. Curtain wires, often used to hang curtains over unusual window openings, can be purchased for as little as £3. The width is usually adjustable and additional clips to hang the curtains from can be added. Next you'll need curtains or fabric to make your own. Many large department stores sell curtains for as little as £13 per pair. Thrift stores and second-hand shops may provide even cheaper options.

Hanging Window Frame

For this project, you will need an interesting old wooden window frame. Clean the glass and frame thoroughly. Paint the frame to suit the room. Add some fun touches to the glass panels with paint, and create your own work of art visible from both sides of the room. Using decorative chains, ceiling hooks and eye hooks, hang the window in the designated area and you've created a one-of-a-kind room divider for less than £65.

Hanging PVC Room Divider

Using large diameter PVC pipe and white nylon clothesline, you can create a pop-culture-looking room divider for around £39. Purchase two to three lengths of pipe, approximately three inches in diameter. Cut the pipes into rings about two inches thick and drill two holes though them, 180 degrees apart. Thread them onto the clothes line and hang from the ceiling.

Potted Plants and Trees

A large potted tree can be an excellent way to add texture and interest to an area while simultaneously acting as a room divider. Plant groupings or plant stands with several plants can perform the function equally well. If you don't want to care for a live plant, artificial trees and plants are available in many stores and over the Internet. Expense is a matter of taste and can run from £22 to £65.


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