Comparison between European and US shoe sizes

Updated February 21, 2017

Buying shoes in Europe can be challenging because of the different size measurements in men and women's footwear. Although European shoes are made in a similar fashion to those in the US, contouring to both narrow and wide feet, the sizing can throw you off. Knowing how to convert your shoe size will enable you to purchase European shoes abroad or online with ease.

Women's size conversion

Women's European shoe sizes range from 35 to 43. There are no half sizes, which makes it is easier to remember the conversion chart. US size 4 corresponds with European 35, and US 12 corresponds with European 43, and all other sizes fall within the range respectively.

US-to- European Sizes (Women): 4 - 35; 5 - 36; 6 - 37; 7 - 38; 8 - 39; 9 - 40; 10 - 41; 11 - 42; 12 - 43.

Men's size conversion

Men's European shoe sizes range from 39 through 49. Measured similarly to women's shoes, there are no half sizes and these number correspond directly to US sizes 6 through 16.

US-to-European Sizes (Men): 6 - 39; 7 - 40; 8 - 41; 9 - 42; 10 - 43; 11 - 44; 12 - 45; 13 - 46; 14 - 47; 15 - 48; 16 - 49.

Children's European shoe sizes

Children's European sizes are separated into three separate categories: infant; toddler; and youth. Infant sizes run between 16 and 20 and correspond to US sizes 1-5. European toddler sizes are 21 to 30 and youth shoes run between 31 and 39.

Children's European sizes are the hardest to distinguish because of their extensive breakdown. If you're travelling in Europe, most shoe stores have a conversion foot-measurement tool on hand.

Half-size step-up

Those who are in between sizes on the US charts may feel more comfortable with a larger European size. For example, if you have a women's US size 8 1/2, European size 40 may fit better. This same principle applies to men's and children's sizes.


If you are travelling in Europe, ask the shoe attendant your size. Most shops will know the US shoe conversion offhand. When shopping online, most shoe websites will have a link to a conversion chart so your European size will be accessible.

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