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Updated April 17, 2017

Anusol Cream relieves the swelling, discomfort and itching associated with haemorrhoids and other minor ano-rectal health conditions. It may also be prescribed for use postoperatively in adults following ano-rectal surgeries. Anusol cream alleviates the pain of haemorrhoids, allowing pain-free bowel movements while haemorrhoids heal. Anusol Cream is only available by prescription in the United States.


Anusol Cream is a topical medication that contains a vanishing base, allowing it to be quickly absorbed once applied to the skin. The active ingredients in Anusol Cream include zinc oxide, bismuth oxide and Balsam Peru. Zinc oxide and bismuth oxide are astringents and antiseptics that reduce swelling while protecting and soothing irritated areas of skin. Balsam Peru works as an antiseptic to protect raw skin and encourage the healing of damaged tissue.

Using Anusol Cream

Anusol cream should be applied topically, directly to the affected area, as often as needed for relief of symptoms. The anal area should be washed and dried thoroughly, but gently, before application. Internal application requires using the provided nozzle to insert the product directly into the rectum. For best results, the cream should be applied before bed, upon waking and after each bowel movement.

Side Effects

Anusol Cream may cause side effects in some people, although these side effects are usually mild and temporary. Mild burning, dryness or irritation may occur when the cream is first applied, especially over areas of broken or raw skin. Sometimes, a rash may develop. Symptoms of a severe reaction that require medical attention include allergic symptoms, such as hives, itching, trouble breathing or swelling of the face or mouth, and signs of infection, increased rectal pain or bleeding.


Anusol Cream should be used along with other haemorrhoid treatments or lifestyle changes to ensure a full recovery. The most common cause of haemorrhoids is straining during bowel movements, which makes preventing constipation a priority in the treatment of haemorrhoids. Eating a diet high in fibre, vegetables and fruits, and reducing the amount of salty and fatty foods consumed will help prevent constipation. It is also important to drink plenty of water while using Anusol Cream to encourage easy bowel movements.


If you are allergic to Anusol Cream or any of its ingredients, you should not use the product. The medication should also be avoided in anyone with a blockage, perforation, or abscess of the bowel or rectum. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should speak with their doctor before using Anusol Cream, and anyone currently taking medication to treat another health condition must speak with a pharmacist or doctor before beginning treatment to rule out any contraindications and potential interactions.

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