Garden gravel ideas

Your garden is the perfect place to show your sense of style, ease and creativity. Why not use some gravel to highlight your space? With so many options available to you, the possibilities are endless. Take a stroll down the gravel isle at your favourite nursery before you begin your project; you may be surprised at the plethora of colour, texture and size options available for your gravel use.


Try winding a gravel pathway from your driveway to your front steps. You can carve a path into the ground about 2 feet wide or more depending on the space you have available. Then just remove the grass and level the path before filling in with the gravel of your choice. You can even choose a brick or perhaps limestone border to spruce it up. Try sprinkling the path with larger stepping stones.


You can also use gravel as the flat part of your steps in the garden. Just build up the sides and front of the steps out of wood or stone, and fill in the steps with gravel. This adds a natural, organic feel to your garden without the expense of solid stone stairs. You will want to consult an architect before you build steps to address any safety concerns with grading you may face.


Alternatively, you can use gravel as an edging to your garden. A thin, serpentine edge of gravel can hug your flower beds, making a contrast of textures and colours. Just make sure to dig the trench for the gravel a few inches deep so that the effect has full impact. Also, try varying the width of your gravel edging to create a more natural look and feel to your garden.


Gravel is the perfect companion to a garden waterfall. Use the gravel to fill in any nooks and crannies where the larger stones may not necessarily meet up.

French Drains

If you have a problem with water accumulating near your house, you could always install a French drain, which is essentially a gravel drain. (See "French Drain Information" in References for installation tips.) A French drain offers a practical application, while enhancing your garden's aesthetics.


Feel free to sprinkle the bottoms of your garden containers with a bit of gravel before adding the soil and flowers to them. This will help to keep the soil inside the containers when you water them.

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