Grants for musical instruments for children

Updated April 17, 2017

There are many individuals and organisations that provide money to purchase musical instruments for children. The correlation between musical activities and academic success has prompted additional music programs for children K-12. Studying music is greatly enhanced by the ability to explore and play a well-crafted instrument, and organisations realise the importance of adequately funding a program to enhance classroom experiences while minimising costly repairs to instruments. Online databases, music and arts publications and teachers' resources provide links to available funding sources.


A grant is free money. It does not have to be paid back, but it does have to be spent in the manner described in the grant proposal. The grant application describes the project or program and its objective, the population served and the instruments needed. A budget must be adequate to supply quality instruments, which are important to achieve a high level of performance from the students.


There are many funding sources for musical instrument grants for children worldwide and even more for arts and education funding. These sources include private individuals, private foundations, government agencies, corporations and other businesses. Some sources may limit their contributions to local or regional requests while others will supply instruments rather than make a cash payment.

Private Funding

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation was formed by collaborators of the movie by the same name to ensure that participation in instrumental music programs was available to youth. The organisation supports music education in underserved schools, grades K-12. Its grants provide new or refurbished instruments and repairs to damaged instruments. Band Aid offers grants to schools in Canada to purchase new musical instruments. Classics for Kids directs its support to the purchase of string instruments by providing an organisation with a matching grant.

Government Funding

The National Endowment for the Arts supports community-based and school-based projects through school districts and educational organisations. It supports programs that promote participation and performance opportunities for students to acquire skills and understanding of the discipline. Individual states also have sources for funding the arts and education, which could contribute to the purchase of musical instruments.

Professional Music Organizations and Musicians

The Country Music Association has given more than two million dollars to the Nashville Public School System's "Keep the Music Playing," to support music education in the schools. A portion of the funds has been used to purchase instruments. Country Western performer Chely Wright formed "Reading, Writing and Rhythms," a non-profit organisation that donates musical instruments to rural and small public schools across the United States.

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