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Updated April 17, 2017

The medical industry is well-rounded. People are needed in every aspect of the field, including delivery. Many types of products and supplies have to get from one location to another in a timely manner. Medical delivery drivers, or couriers, are often used to transport supplies to medical facilities and patients. Medical couriers help keep the medical industry running efficiently, particularly because so many medical facilities rely heavily on same-day deliveries.

What is a Medical Supply Delivery Driver?

A medical supply delivery driver is exactly what it sounds like--someone who works for a medical supply company and picks up and delivers medical supplies, such as oxygen tanks, lab equipment and diabetes supplies. Depending on the type of equipment requested, drivers can either deliver supplies to a patient's home, to medical offices, or to hospitals. They are responsible for making sure patients or medical facilities have the supplies they need.

Why Medical Supply Delivery Drivers are Needed

The medical field is a busy industry. Employees in the medical industry often cannot stop taking care of their patients to pick up or deliver supplies. Every employee in a medical office is needed at their station to keep the office or facility running smoothly. Today, most hospitals and doctors' offices use delivery companies or couriers to deliver medical supplies to them. Without medical delivery drivers, many facilities would be understocked on items they need for patient care.

Types of Medical Supply Delivery Driving Jobs

There are many types of medical supply companies. Some companies, such as Physician Sales and Services, deliver medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceutical products to medical facilities. Others like Home Delivery Medical delivers supplies (i.e., creams and ointments, bandages, washcloths, baby diapers) to patients' homes. Certain companies, such as Go Medical Supply, delivers wheelchairs, walkers, portable potties and other equipment to facilities and private patients. Still others serve a niche market, such as Liberty Medical, which delivers diabetic supplies to patients.

Significance of Medical Supply Drivers

Most medical facilities cannot imagine running their facilities without the aid of medical supply drivers. If staff members had to get medical supplies themselves every time their facility needed them, the number of patients seen in that facility would drop. Without medical supply drivers, patients who require at-home care may not get their supplies either, especially if they are not able to drive due to age or illness. Medical supply drivers are an asset to the medical field by helping to keep patients happy and healthy.

Benefits of Being a Medical Supply Deliverer

A medical supply delivery job can be rewarding because drivers know they are helping individuals as well as their community by keeping hospitals stocked with supplies so they can operate smoothly. Some people may enjoy delivering supplies because it gives them freedom from a desk job. Most companies offer competitive pay for their employees; some offer £7 to £8.10 per hour. Some companies also may offer paid holidays, sick pay and vacation days.

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