What is sucanat sugar?

Sucanat is a registered trademark sweetening product that can be used in both cooking and baking. Sucanat is a form of regular cane sugar but is less processed and refined. Because Sucanat is less processed, it has retained more vitamins and minerals. Sucanat is widely available both online and in health food stores.


Sucanat is made similarly to refined cane sugar. Sugar canes are harvested from fields, cut, and crushed to extract the cane juice. After the cane juice is extracted, it is heated and cooled. The crystals that result from the cooled cane juice become Sucanat. Sucanat is an organic product.


The name "Sucanat" comes from the words "sugar" and "cane" and "natural." Because Sucanat does not contain as much sucrose as refined sugar, it produces slightly different results when used in baking. Sucanat is sweet, but is not as sweet as refined sugar. For this reason, the items made with Sucanat will be less sweet than items made with refined sugar. In addition, the strong molasses flavour of Sucanat can be difficult for some bakers to contend with when it is combined with other flavours. These differences can be adapted to and accepted by many bakers, however.


The name Sucanat is a registered trademark owned by the company Ragus Holdings, Inc. There are other sweetening products that are similar to Sucanat, but these products cannot use the name "Sucanat" to describe their products.


Sucanat is measured in the same fashion as refined sugar. Sucanat is granular like refined sugar but the crystals are larger. A product that is similar to Sucanat is called "Jaggery." Jaggery is commonly sold by Indian Grocers. Jaggery is not an organic product, however, so if an organic product is desired, Sucanat should be used.


Sucanat retains its molasses during the refining process. For this reason, it is known for its strong and distinctive flavour. The taste of Sucanat is similar to brown sugar. The high molasses content of Sucanat also makes it high in potassium and other nutrients.


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