Natural Hair Growth Inhibitors

Updated February 21, 2017

Natural hair growth inhibitors are formulated from plant extracts which do not cause damage to the skin. The goal of people who use natural hair growth inhibitors is to cease the growth of hair on the body. Though results vary, most people experience positive results, such as the hair consistently growing back slower, thinner and finer than before (very similar to the delicate hair of a baby).


Natural hair growth inhibitors are similar to laser hair removal treatments in that they treat the hair follicle over the period of a few months. Every time the hair growth inhibitor is applied, it weakens the hair follicle a little bit more, until it finally ceases producing hair.


The main disadvantages of using natural hair growth inhibitors are that it can be extremely time consuming (and take months) and can also have varying effects on different types of hair. For example, people with thick, dark, coarse hair on their body might have a harder time with natural hair growth inhibitors compared with individuals who have thin, baby fine and light hair.


Natural hair growth inhibitors must be applied to the skin directly after a hair removal process such as shaving or waxing. The inhibitor is directly applied to the skin, whether it's a cream, foam, lotion, spray or gel. The hair growth inhibitor should be used for a minimum of a month to observe the results it might have on hair growth.


Natural hair growth inhibitors can be expensive, so it's important to do your research and find the right products before you purchase them. For example, if you see natural hair growth inhibitors that claim to provide permanent hair reduction that works on everyone immediately, those claims are likely false. Proceed with caution when purchasing natural hair growth inhibitors.


The most popular and well-respected natural hair growth inhibitor is Vaniqa, which coincidentally is also the only natural hair growth inhibitor that is currently approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). Vaniqa however, is not available over-the-counter at drugstores. You can get Vaniqua through a prescription from a dermatologist, or you can get it through an Internet consultation.

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