Most Powerful Crossbows

Updated March 24, 2017

Although typically associated with the late medieval period, crossbows were used long before that time. The Romans and the Ancient Greeks made use of crossbows, as did the Chinese. A significant advantage of these weapons was that the task of loading could be divided into numerous movements, which meant building crossbows that were more powerful than a man could draw in one movement.

Predator AVI

This patented crossbow from Barnett Crossbows is considered the most powerful crossbow on the market. The Predator incorporates the latest anti-vibration isolation, or AVI, limb system from Barnett, which includes a high-velocity cam and cable system. This crossbow weighs 3.63 Kilogram and comes with the choice of a Multi-Reticle Scope or a Premium Red Dot Scope.

The Predator AVI has a 175 draw weight and 133 foot-pounds of energy. The crossbow has a 16-inch power stroke and 375 feet-per-second IBO speed. The Predator is 37-inches long and 22.38-inches wide. It has a 38.5-inch string length. The Predator has both an adjustable rear stock and cheek piece. This crossbow offers a rope cocking device and comes with four 22-inch arrows and a quick detach quiver.

Revolution AVI

This powerful crossbow incorporates Barnett's AVI limbs into their original Revolution crossbow. The Revolution AVI is offered in a kit that includes four 22-inch arrows and a quick detach quiver. This crossbow accepts either the Premium Red Dot scope or the Multi-Reticle scope.

Parker Tornado HP

This short crossbow is compact and light. The Parker Tornado HP, with its high-performance limbs and crossbow cam, has a 165 draw weight and 100 foot-pounds of energy. The crossbow has a 13-inch power stroke and 330 feet-per-second IBO speed. The Tornado is 36-inches long and 22-inches wide. It has a 35.5-inch string length. The Tornado's automatic safety system sets to a safe position, regardless of how the weapon is cocked. The accidental firing of an arrow is prevented by the crossbow's anti-dry fire system. The Tornado offers a one-piece trigger and scope mounting unit, which solves any potential problems associated with loose scopes.

This crossbow was designed to suit right and left-handed archers. According to Bowhunt America, the Parker Tornado HP was awarded Inside Archery's prestigious "Best Buy Award" for 2010.

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