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Updated November 22, 2016

Roll tickets are useful for many types of events, including those that offer food, drinks, games, rides, reserved seating, parking, prizes or raffles. While most office supply stores only offer basic roll tickets with no choice of colour or text, online stores, such as Admit One Products (see Resources), offer a variety of stock tickets with a choice of up to eight different colours. Organizations and companies that need roll tickets with a particular wording or want just specific colours or styles can have custom roll tickets printed.


Since most local printers and copy shops don't have the equipment for printing custom roll tickets, the best way to get them is to order online. While some ticket printers only allow customers to customise only the text of the tickets, others can also customise the size, shape, layout, ink colour and graphics. In general, the more highly customised the roll tickets are, the more they cost. When figuring out how much the custom tickets will cost, customers should consider the cost of any set-up or design fees and the cost of shipping, as well as the price of the tickets themselves.


Custom roll tickets are available in a variety of sizes, but most use standard sized ticket paper. Admit One Products, for example, offers custom roll tickets in standard 1 by 2 inch or 1 1/2 by 2 inch rectangles, 2 by 2 inch squares, or custom sizes up to 4 inches wide. Ticket rolls also come in standard roll sizes, such as 2,000 tickets per roll. In addition, most custom roll ticket printers require a minimum order of a certain number of tickets. For example, both of the custom roll ticket printers linked below require a minimum order of one roll for most orders, while some paper types require an order of at least 10,000 tickets.


The type of paper that custom roll tickets are printed on affects their quality and the list of available colours. Some printers only offer roll tickets on one type of paper while others offer roll tickets on either economy paper or 100 per cent recycled paper, and can also print tickets on heavy stock for an extra fee. The economy stock is less expensive and tears more easily, while the Bristol stock is available in more colours and comes in smaller rolls. Both of the roll ticket printing websites linked below offer up to 12 colour choices for custom tickets.


Some custom ticket printers only print text on the tickets, either in a standard font and ink colour or in a custom style and colour. Companies such as Customticket123 (see Resources), can also include graphics, such as the logo of the company or organisation, and even offer custom printing on the backs of the tickets for an extra fee. Some companies, such as Admit One Products, also offer custom ticket rolls that are two tickets wide for raffles and similar events, so that the customer and the issuer can each keep half of the ticket. Both of the custom roll ticket printing websites linked below offer consecutive numbering and perforations between the tickets for easy tearing.

Time Frame

Like other custom products, roll tickets require more time to set up, print and deliver than pre printed tickets would. When ordering custom roll tickets, make sure to find how long the printer will take to complete the order, including shipping time, and place the order well in advance of the event. For example, Admit One Products ships in-stock roll tickets within two business days, but requires 4 to 6 weeks to produce and ship custom roll tickets.

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