Golf birthday cake decorations

Updated March 23, 2017

Birthdays are special no matter how old we are. Having a birthday cake is a time-honoured tradition that most people implement into their special day. For the birthday recipient who loves the game of golf, having a golf themed birthday cake with golf decorations will make their birthday memorable.


Whether it be the avid golfer who loves to play the sport as a hobby or someone who plays professionally, implementing a golf cake into a party or celebration will leave the recipient and the guests thinking about the game of golf. The cake can include frosting and candy colours such as light green for the grass, brown for the tree trunks and forest green for the trees tops. For the water, edible blue paper found at bakery stores or blue jello can also be implemented to recreate the layout of the course.


Golf birthday cake decorations can be used to embellish the birthday cake as well as the surrounding party area. This type of cake makes for a great conversation piece at any get-together. The decorations used for a golf birthday cake can include those found on online cake decorating supply sites, such as or The decorations and colour of the cake should resemble a golf course, golf clubs, golfers and golf carts.


Some golf cakes can be created in forms or pans shaped like golf clubs or a round cake can have frosting divots much like that of a golf ball---creating a unique golf-theme decorative look. The recipient's name along with "Happy Birthday" can then be placed anywhere on the cake. Sheet cakes or half sheet cakes work great for designing and decorating a golf-themed cake because the space allows enough room for a small golf course, a pond and a sand trap that can be created with food colouring and frosting designs. Round cakes or tiered cakes are also popular types of cakes for the golf enthusiast. Each level or tier can be embellished with a different course or different activities such as a numbered hole and flag on one, and a golf cart on the other. Round cakes also allow the sides of the cake to be decorated which makes for more space for lettering and embellishments. Men and women's golf cakes can be differentiated by placing plastic players in different coloured clothing to separate the two sexes.


Plastic embellishments can add design flair to a cake. Plastic items such as golf balls, tees, golfers, golf carts, golf clubs, golf flags, trees and landscapes can be placed on the cake to display a golf course or a golf-inspired theme. Quotes from famous golfers such as Butch Harmon, which reads "The ultimate judge of your swing is the flight of the ball.", can be written across the cake as words of encouragement and inspiration. Golf tee candles are a great way to light the cake for a birthday of any age.


Small cakes less than 9 inches in circumference are great cakes for a single serving or as a gift for the birthday recipient to take home and eat later. For parties or large get togethers, a full sheet cake will feed up to 30 guests and a custom made cake that includes smaller joined cakes will provide enough cake to feed several guests. The number of birthday cake decorations can by anything from a few embellishments on top of a plain white cake to an entire golf course recreated in small scale on top of a cake. Having a photo sprayed to the entire cake or a small portion of the cake such as a picture of Greg Norman or another famous golfer, as well as a famous golf course such as Augusta National or Pebble Beach, can create a realistic design to a golf themed birthday cake.

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