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There are many benefits to working at home as a phone operator including good pay, bonus incentives and flexible schedules. Additionally, working at home frees up more time for yourself and your family as there iss no time spent commuting. Mutually beneficial to both the employee and employer, home phone positions are a win-win situation for everyone involved.


The function of a work at home phone operator is to provide professional assistance to customers from their home office using a landline phone, high-quality headset, home computer, high speed Internet connection and applicable software to access customer accounts and business related programs. Work at home phone operators may be responsible for both inbound and outbound calls or they may handle only one type of call. Calls are routed to home operators via the company's own internal phone system.


Work at home phone operators who are responsible for providing inbound and outbound phone support can be found at a variety of companies. The types of phone work that is done for these companies include outbound direct sales calls, customer service for retail and cable companies, computer technical support, medical insurance claims, inbound customer orders, booking hotel reservations, surveys and marketing.


Initial out-of-pocket expenses may be required for equipment and services such as a computer, surge protector, backup battery supply, phone line, cable, DSL or FIOS Internet, fax, printer and professional headset. Cell phones, cordless phones and those provided through a cable company are generally not acceptable. A quiet work area in the home free from outside noise and interruptions by family and pets is mandatory. A phone operator's calls can/will be monitored. Working at home requires self discipline, adherence to company policies, punctuality, organisation, good attitude and professionalism.


Working as an at home phone operator provides the opportunity to work in the comfort of your own home in a less stressful environment. There's no commuting to work which saves on gas plus wear and tear on a vehicle. Depending on the company and the type of position, a benefit package including insurance, sick time, vacation and holiday pay may be included. Additionally, discounts to places such as retail stores, car rentals, theme parks and hotels may be available to work at home phone operators.


Finding a reputable work at home phone operator position requires thorough research using online resources and by e-mailing or calling the human resource department of local companies. When searching online career opportunities within a company website, use telecommute as a keyword to search their listings or check the career section for designated work at home positions.


Many legitimate work at home phone operator positions are available with established, well-known companies. When applying for a work at home position with a company you're not familiar with, research the company before providing any pertinent or personal information such as phone number, home address and social security number. Depending on the company, positions may be available in multiple locations, limited to a few areas, be for specific area codes or require initial in-house training. Be aware of scams offering work at home positions for a fee or requiring an investment.

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