What Are the Benefits of Lithium Orotate?

Updated April 17, 2017

Lithium is a type of mineral known as an alkali metal. Lithium is similar to sodium and potassium and, like those substances, lithium can be effective in treating different ailments. One of the pharmaceutical versions of lithium is a substance called lithium orotate.


Taking large amounts of lithium can cause negative side effects. But lithium orotate is safer than other lithium prescriptions because it is effective even in small doses, thus decreasing the risk of negative side effects.

Mood Disorders

The most common use of lithium orotate is to treat mood disorders. Lithium orotate can be used to treat depression as well as other specific mood disorders like bipolar disorder.


Lithium orotate also is known to help alleviate other problems with the brain, including cluster headaches and migraines.

Other Benefits

Lithium orotate also can also be used to treat low white blood cell count, alcoholism and liver disorders.


High amounts of lithium can create toxins in the blood; anyone taking lithium should be closely monitored.

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