What is the best shampoo for thinning hair?

One of the scariest things for a guy, even if he denies it, is losing his hair. It's even a scarier proposition for a woman. So, with all the products on the market today claiming to combat the thinning of a person's hair, you're probably wondering what's the best shampoo to treat your ever-reducing hairline.


The best shampoo for thinning hair isn't a shampoo at all; it's actually a drug; two to be exact: finasteride and loniten. Other than these two options, there isn't a shampoo on the market that can honestly treat thinning hair. They may claim to prevent or treat hair loss, but if a product hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as received any sort of endorsement by The American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), they're a waste of your hard-earned cash.


Open up any magazine devoted to men, and you'll see an advertisement for some shampoo (or other "magical" product) touting itself as the next great treatment for thinning hair. They'll even go so far as to say that "you'll feel it working." More often than not, these shampoos will have some sort of ingredient, usually of the herbal variety, that will make your scalp tingle, but that's all it is doing. After your scalp acclimates to the shampoo, the tingling will lessen and usually stop. If you were to use their logic that you can feel it working, it would stand to reason that once the feeling is gone it must mean the healing powers of their medicinal solution have all but disappeared.


That being said, there are a number of shampoos currently available that contain so-called "DHT-fighting ingredients," such as Revivogen, HairGenesis, DHT Shampoo Cleansing System, Progaine and Nisim. All of these products use DHT blockers, cleansers and other antioxidants to clean the scalp and "unclog" the hair follicles to promote new hair growth. Both men and women claim to have experienced improvements in their hair from each product. But since no two people are alike and no solution 100 per cent effective in treating hair loss, what works for one person may not work for the next. When it comes to treating hair loss with shampoo, it's always a case of trial and error.


If you do decide to go with a shampoo that "treats" thinning hair, keep in mind that some may actually do more damage to your hair and scalp than good. It all depends on a shampoo's pH level and its relation to your hair and scalp. Shampoos that say they will give you a thicker head of hair often have an ingredient that alters the actual surface of your hair, changing it from smooth to rough. This new rough texture is theoretically thicker, but not at all healthy or it doesn't combat your thinning. Look for a shampoo that has a pH of around 5.

Expert Insight

Your best bet to winning the battle of thinning hair is to seek help early--the less hair you've lost, the better. Even the aforementioned drugs have their limits, just like any hair treatment shampoo on the market today. Again, if something isn't approved by the FDA or the AHLA, the claims made in the ads or on the box are too good to be true. So don't waste your money.

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