Homemade bleach concrete cleaner

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There is no reason to purchase expensive chemical cleaners in order to clean concrete. It is possible to mix up an effective bleach cleaner right at home.

Bleach cleaning formula

An effective way to clean concrete and eliminate stains is to use a solution of water and bleach. Bleach cleaners are appropriate for concrete cleaning because the solution is able to get into the pores of the concrete to disinfect below the surface, and it also provides stain-lifting power. Prepare a mixture of 570 ml (1/2 quart) bleach in a gallon of water. Higher concentrations can be used for stubborn stains.

Necessary supplies

The homemade bleach solution that you use for cleaning your concrete is only one part of the process. You will also want to have some additional cleaning supplies on hand. Rubber gloves are a must for any chemical cleaning. A bristle brush will help eliminate dirt and stains that are deep in the pores of the concrete. A hose with a power sprayer will help distribute water evenly on the concrete while also providing some stain lifting power. If your concrete is indoors, you will also want some old towels to clean up any leftover water. A large bucket works well for mixing up homemade cleaning formulas.

Directions for use

Pour the bleach solution onto the concrete in a small amount. Use the brush to mix the bleach solution into the concrete. Allow the solution to sit for several minutes, even up to an hour if there are tough stains on the concrete. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Safety considerations

Always use caution when working with bleach. Mix cleaning solutions outdoors when possible, and never allow bleach to get on your hands or other skin because of the risk of chemical burning. If you get bleach into your eyes, wash immediately with cold water for around 15 minutes. Have someone contact a poison control centre for detailed instructions on how to care for the eyes.

Alternative cleaner

A dry cleaning mixture can be used for grease or oil spills on concrete for which bleach is not effective. Apply powdered concrete mix to the grease or oil. The loose concrete soaks up oil and grease and can be swept up after only a few minutes. Place loose concrete onto the stain and step on it. Allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Sweep up the loose concrete with a broom. Repeat the process if any oil or grease still remains.

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