Care of banana leaf furniture

The banana leaf comes from the stem of a banana tree. The banana tree stem is surrounded by leaf sections that are dried, rolled and twirled into a rope. The rope is wound and woven over a furniture frame to create such banana leaf furniture as chairs, foot stools and tables.

Banana leaf furniture comes in such colours as beige and coffee. The furniture also may be stained for a richer colour. You can use banana leaf furniture to add a tropical tone to your home's decor. It is relatively simple to care for this type of furniture.

Cleaning Furniture

Wash banana leaf furniture down with a clean rag and a bucket of warm water with a few squirts of dish detergent. Before rinsing the furniture, take a toothbrush or a soft bristle brush and scrub the furniture's crooks and crevices. This loosens dirt and grime that builds up and makes it easier to rinse away. Wash the furniture completely. Rinse the furniture with cool water and a sponge. Hose the furniture down if you have access to a hose and a backyard setting. Rinse the soap off completely. Do not leave wet furniture in the sun, or allow it to air dry. Dry off the furniture with a clean rag or cloth. The furniture must be completely dry.

Maintaining Furniture

Dust banana leaf furniture frequently to keep dust from settling into crevices. Vacuum the furniture once every three to four weeks using a soft bristle sweeper attachment. The brush attachment helps loosen dirt so it is easier to sweep away. Protect banana leaf furniture from mould--avoid placing it in a wet environment. Banana leaf furniture products are best suited for a warm, dry climate if you plan to use the furniture outside.

Staining Furniture

Do not paint banana leaf furniture. However, you may stain it. Use a spray weatherproofing product because it is easier to apply than a brush-on product.