Help With Veterinary Bills

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If a person has always been able to take care of a beloved pet in the past and pay the veterinary bills easily, it can be difficult when the financial tables turn. No one likes to see a pet suffer, and not having the money to take a pet to the vet can be hard. Fortunately, there are ways to get assistance with veterinary bills.

Negotiate a Payment Plan

Rather than have your pet suffer, contact your regular veterinarian and explain the circumstances. In some cases, the vet will normally be willing to work out some kind of payment plan so that the pet doesn't have to needlessly suffer due to the owner losing a job or experiencing other financial difficulties.

Do a Trade

Sometimes a vet, particularly one a person has used before, will be willing to trade services for work. Vets often have kennels that need to be cleaned, or even help answering the phones. It never hurts to ask, and it may turn out beneficial if the vet needs the extra help.

AAA Helping Pets Fund

The AAA Helping Pets Fund is part of the American Animal Hospital Association Foundation. They assist owners who are having financial hardship with finding quality veterinary care for their pets who are injured or sick. Their goal is to raise funds and give grants to pet owners that need them. If a person is having a difficult time paying for a vet bill, this is one organisation to contact for assistance.

Angels 4 Animals

Angels 4 Animals is a non-profit organisation that specialises in assisting pet owners across the country who may be experiencing financial hardship. According to Angels 4 Animals, 117,000 pets are either euthanized or forfeited every week in the United States, and at least some of these pets are given up because the owners cannot afford to pay for needed medical care. If a person could lose their pet due to lack of finances, call Angels 4 Animals at (916) 941-9119 and request assistance.

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