How do I determine my tomtom model?

You can determine the model of your TomTom GPS unit in a variety of ways. Knowing your TomTom GPS model information allows you to order new maps, install updates and download user manuals.

On the Package

Your TomTom GPS unit ships in a unique box when you order it new. Thus, you only need to look at the box itself to find the model number of your unit. You can usually find it written in large letters underneath the TomTom logo.

On the Guide

Your model number is also listed on the Quick Start Guide provided with the unit. Look at the bottom left-hand corner of the guide, and you should find it immediately.

On the Unit

You can identify the model of the TomTom GPS by looking at the bottom of the unit. Locate the USB port on the base of the GPS, and look directly above it to find the model number. Written in small white letters, you should find something like "TomTom One XL" or "TomTom GO 910/510."

Using the Website offers a simple way to find the model of your GPS unit. Visit the support centre and type in the serial number, found on the bottom of your GPS device, usually on the same sticker as the bar code. The website will immediately return your query with your exact model number as well as the memory capacity of the unit.

For example, when you punch in the serial number of a TomTom One XL, will display "One XL-1 GB" on the answer page. This means your unit has 1 gigabyte of memory capacity. If your unit has SD card capabilities, you can add extra maps to the GPS using an SD card if your TomTom is already full.

Make Note of Your Model

Once you retrieve your model information, write it down or make a label for it, and attach it to your device. This way, you won't have to look up this information each time you need to install an update, purchase a new map or download a user manual, all available on the TomTom website.

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