The best way to lose weight while on a beta blocker

Many individuals are on beta blockers in order to control blood pressure or to control mild heart issues, such as a rapid heart rate. The problem with many beta blockers is that though they work great for their intended purpose, a negative side effect tends to be unwanted weight gain. People who take beta blockers sometimes find it very difficult to lose weight.

Why Do Some People Gain Weight While on Beta Blockers?

The reasoning behind weight gain with beta blockers is the fact that beta blockers tend to slow the metabolism. We associate weight loss, weight gain, and maintaining weight with metabolism. People who tend to gain weight probably have a slower metabolism. Those with high or fast metabolisms tend to burn a lot of excess calories. Having a healthy metabolism means that you are able to maintain weight. People with thyroid issues tend to have either sluggish or fast metabolisms.

How to Raise Your Metabolism

The first step is making the appropriate lifestyle changes. That means eating relatively healthy and not skipping meals. If the body goes too long without consuming healthy nutrients from food and drink, it goes into starvation mode. It takes only 48 hours for the body to believe that it's starving and to begin to retain fat. The reason the human body does this is for survival. If the body believes it is starving to death, it will begin to retain any fat or energy that it has to attempt to sustain itself. Fasting is a sure-fire way to not only gain or keep unwanted weight on, but also to slow the metabolism down even more.

Make sure you're eating breakfast and that you're eating snacks. The idea isn't to eat too many calories or to eat until you're full, but rather to eat throughout the day so that you have energy to burn and are not hungry throughout the day. Eat lots of fresh fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Choose whole grain foods and drink plenty of water.

Getting Physical Activity

No one can expect to lose a lot of weight if he isn't exercising on a regular basis. Working out is different for different people. It depends on how badly out of shape someone is and what is available to him. Two smart choices of exercise are walking and water aerobics. If a person has the ability to walk, the upside is that she can walk anywhere. It doesn't matter how fast the person can walk, just that she is out walking. Walk for just 10 minutes up to four times a day to get the same benefits of walking for 40 minutes straight. This is also a method of raising your metabolism.

Water aerobics are easier (or water walking), but they actually help a person burn more calories. Even though the person doesn't feel the resistance, it is there. Working out in the water can be therapeutic and is a way for someone who might not normally be able to exercise to fit in a good work out and burn calories.

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