Do-it-yourself tablecloth clips

You are having a family barbecue in your back yard, when a stiff wind comes along and grips the underside of your tablecloth and sends all of your food and condiments flying into the grass, ruining your barbecue. Sound like a nightmare? This scenario can be easily prevented by securing your tablecloth to the table using clips. Companies sell actual clips for this purpose, but you have simple things around the house that will work just as well.

Chip Clips

Almost everyone that has ever had chips in their home has some chip clips. These brightly coloured clips come in a variety of sizes. Take four of these clips and once you have placed your tablecloth on the table, attach one of these to the centre of each side of the table. Chip clips cost roughly £1.90 for a five-count package and when not in use on the table, they can be used to keep your chips fresh.


Clothespins are something that most people have lying around the house, or they can be purchased for around £1.90 for a 50-count package. They are easily used because you can take more of them and apply them every few inches along your table's edge to ensure that your tablecloth stays in place. Placing them on the underside of the table will ensure that they go unseen and will not draw away from your table settings.

Hair Clips

If there is a woman in your house with long hair, there is a high probability that you have hair clips. These butterfly-hinged clips look lovely in your hair but work wonders as a last-minute pinch-hitter, keeping your table cloth securely on your table. These work well if you have a wider-lipped table as they tend to open wider then a chip clip or clothespin. They tend to run around £1.30 for a two-pack, and placing one on each side of your table will keep your tablecloth in place.


Check the lip size of the table to see which size clip you will need to use. Make sure the clip fits securely onto the table. If it is not the correct size for the table, you risk it snapping off and causing an injury.

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