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Little Tikes Toddler Bed Assembly Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

A toddler bed represents a major step in your child's development. In moving him from a crib into his own bed, you are giving your child more responsibility, expecting them to stay in bed during the night while giving him of a bed that he can call his own. Though most toddler beds require a degree of assembly, Little Tikes offers a toddler bed that can be set up in 15 to 20 minutes.

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  1. Align the bedposts onto the head and foot boards. Each of the two posts for the headboard are similar to long, thick rods. They are installed into position by inserting the top knob into the overhang of the headboard, and pressing the screw-holes onto the slot on the side of the headboard. Secure into position with the wood screws and hex key provided with the bed set. Use the two shorter bedpost rods for the footboard and install them in the same way as the headboard.

  2. Assemble the bed frame. Arrange the two long metal frame bars parallel to each other on the floor, about 3 feet apart, with the side holes facing the centre. Press each of the six stabilising bars into the concurrent holes of each long frame bar, creating what looks like a ladder.

  3. Align one end of the bed frame with the concurrent screw holes of the footboard, and secure it into position with the bolts, T-nuts and hex key provided with the bed set. Secure the bed frame to the headboard similarly.

  4. Place each of the small side-rail guides onto the outside poles of the bed frame between the third and fourth crossbars. Align with the screw-holes, and secure each into position with the T-nuts, bolts, and hex key provided with the bed set.

  5. Lay each of the two side panels alongside the bed in order to determine which side of the bed that each panel belongs. When on the proper side, the bed's artwork should be facing the outside of the bed, and the third end-clip should face the headboard. Switch and rearrange the side panels as necessary to achieve this arrangement.

  6. Install the side boards onto the bed. Angle the panel downward, and press the two clips onto the long edge upon the side bar of the frame, between the first and second, and the fourth and fifth cross bars. Rotate the side board vertically, and press the final clip onto the headboard's post. Repeat with the other side board.

  7. Tip

    You may find it useful to print the online directions for the bed's assembly in order to better visualise the instructions.


    Never allow your child to sleep on a bed that is unstable or improperly assembled.

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