Homemade Outdoor Brick Oven

What sounds better on a hot summer day than barbecued meat and a cup of cold beer? If you're a barbecue enthusiast, you've no doubt gone through large propane grills and small, portable grills dreaming of a grill you can rely on. If you are ready to build your own backyard brick oven, there are several styles that can be built with an afternoon's labour.


No matter what type of outdoor oven you have in mind, there are a few common considerations. You will need to find level ground for the oven that isn't located too close to the house where smoke can flow in, or near a play area for children or pets. You should clear the area of grass so there is nothing flammable. Make sure your backyard oven won't bother garden beds or flowers with smoke. A nice spot is somewhere sheltered from the breeze or behind a wall of the house that doesn't have windows. You may be able to purchase kits, depending on the type of oven you are building. Common supplies you'll need include bricks, cement, a spade, a level and a grill rack. Many cities have zoning regulations for outdoor oven projects. You should contact a representative of your city's zoning board before you begin to make sure you meet all requirements. These boards would have the ability to order you to remove the oven, so talk to them beforehand, not after.

Outdoor pizza oven

There are several types of free plans online for brick ovens and most fall into two categories: brick barbecue oven and brick pizza oven. While the two are different, you will have the same considerations and placement requirements. The pizza oven is the more elaborate style and should only be attempted by home builders who have a level of confidence in their capabilities. Ozark Dreams shows a classic style pizza oven with a bottom frame built from fire-retardant breeze block and the top from classic red brick. This style of project is not a weekend home renovation, but will provide you with a well-built and long-lasting brick oven for pizzas, meats and breads.

Outdoor barbecue oven

The barbecue style of brick oven is a simple brick box that shelters the wind with space allotted for a grill rack and a charcoal box. BBC Gardeners' World has a free plan for this style of oven that is both easy to build an inexpensive. The brick columns can be built in an afternoon and once the concrete sets, the oven is ready for use.

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